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The time has come!

The question has been popped and the romance of the engagement has been celebrated. Now it’s time to get to the serious stuff of picking wedding rings.

Choosing your wedding rings is sometimes where people can struggle to find their way. After the huge high of the engagement ring, or however you have celebrated your proposal, choosing wedding bands for you both can seem like a daunting task.

I often get asked questions like; How much should I spend on wedding rings? What metal should wedding rings be made from? What finger sizes do I need? Does the wedding ring need to match my engagement ring? Should I have gemstones in my wedding ring? Do I need a bespoke wedding ring to work with my engagement ring? What if my partner doesn’t like wearing rings?

But fear not, I’m here to try and help you navigate through wedding ring mayhem. To help you understand what is and what certainly is not important when it comes to wedding rings and choosing the right ones for you and your partner. In this blog I will answer the most popular questions asked to jewellers about wedding rings.

How much should I spend on my wedding rings?

The short answer to this question is; how ever much you feel comfortable spending.

The longer answer to this question is; It really does depend on what you want from your wedding rings. Do you want to be able to put your wedding ring on and never take it off again? Do you need your wedding rings to be very hard wearing and durable because you have a manual jod? Do you want your wedding ring to out sparkle the engagement ring? Or does the wedding ring need to be the only ring you wear and encompass both wedding and engagement sentiment?

It could be that you have a beautiful large statement engagement ring and what you really need is a made to fit wedding band, or what is sometimes called a curved wedding ring. Either way you will probably need a bespoke handmade wedding ring that will compliment your existing ring beautifully. This is something that I can certainly help you with. I have made many bespoke wedding rings in my time as a jeweller and it’s one of my favourite things to do. For me to be a small part of your marriage journey brings me much joy and as a jeweller there aren’t many more sentimental things to make than wedding rings.  If this sounds like what you need why not get in touch here to book a bespoke commission appointment with me.

Rose gold and white gold set of wedding and diamond engagement rings

What metal should my wedding ring be made from?

So this very much depends on if you are going to be wearing your wedding ring against another ring, like an engagement ring. If this is the case then ideally you want to match the same precious metal. For example, if you have an 18ct yellow gold engagement ring then really you should match that with an 18ct gold wedding ring, in either white, yellow or rose in colour. This is because each mental and each carat within that metal has its own relative hardness. Say for example you had a 9 ct engagement ring and then you bought and 18ct wedding ring to wear next to it, over time the 9ct ring would wear away at the 18ct ring, as 9ct gold is relatively harder than 18ct gold.

If you are not planning on wearing another ring next to your wedding ring then you are free to choose a metal that suits your completion, budget and ideas about what looks more pleasing to you. If this is the case it’s worth thinking about what sort of activities you do whilst wearing your wedding ring. For example, is your main job a manual one, like a builder or something where you will be constantly using your hands to do fairly heavy work? If that is the case then you will want to consider the impact that will have on the rings you are planning on buying. You will want to go for a metal that is hard wearing, like Platinum or Palladium. Although no materials are scratch resistant they are very strong and long lasting and will last a lifetime if looked after. However if you daily routine consists of light work, maybe computer based, and you don’t have any wild hobbies like rock climbing you can pretty much choose whatever metal you like!

If you need help choosing the right metal for your wedding ring then give me a shout. I’m happy to chat through your needs and wants and discuss how I can help you get the most from your wedding ring budget.

What finger sizes do I need for my wedding ring?

Basically you need to find the size that feels comfortable on your finger, snug across the knuckle, and not too loose that it would slip off when your hands are wet or cold in the winter months.

Getting the correct finger size for your wedding rings is very important. Think about it like this, this ring needs to be comfortable enough for you to wear every single day, hopefully for the rest of your life. And as we can not yet predict the future, picking the right size for how your finger is right now is the best thing to do. Fingers change over time so it’s a good idea to pick a wedding ring which is able to be sized up or down in the future. I can help you choose the right finger size for you and match the wedding ring to suit.

Handmade silver and peach tourmaline wedding jewellery including bangle

Does the wedding ring need to match my engagement ring?

This is one about personal taste, but in my opinion, you do you. Who says things have to match to be sat next to each other? If you’re the kind of person who’s inspired by lots of different things then for you it’s a great idea to explore different designs. However if you are the kind of person who will be eternally irritated by the two rings not matching then I would strongly suggest going for a similar or a complimentary design. That way you know you will look at your wedding set every day and love them just as much as you did the day you first put them on.

I’ve got a head full of design ideas so if you are looking for inspiration then I’m ya gal. Get in touch here (link to bespoke contact page) to arrange a chat with me about your wedding ring design.

If you are looking for some inspiration for a wedding ring set that matches then check out my wedding jewellery photo shoot I did in conjunction with Laura Buffery Martin Photography, the stunning Gwel An Mor wedding venue, which was featured in the popular WED magazine. If you would like to read the full article you can find me on pages 66-70 on this link.

Should I have gemstones in my wedding ring?

If you love a bit of sparkle and want your wedding band to compliment the sparkle you may have in your engagement ring then I would say YES, load up that wedding ring with gemstones for extra sparkle. If you have a diamond engagement ring, why not add a bit of colour to the wedding ring by adding your partner’s birthstone, or maybe your favourite colour? The options are endless when it comes to gemstones, but what I would say is choose your gemstones with the guidance of an experienced jewellery designer. Some gemstones are not suitable to be set into rings like wedding rings. Wedding rings are meant to be worn every day for the rest of your life, and some gemstones simply will not last the test of time sadly. Some great gemstone choices for long lasting wear are Sapphires, Diamonds, Rubies and Topaz. And seen as Sapphires come in every single colour you can imagine then they are a top choice for many engaged couples. Go check out the International Gem Society’s website to see the Mohs scale of hardness if you want to get geeky about the relative hardness of gemstones and how that can effect your choices. However, this can be a bit confusing to navigate so if you want to chat it over with an expert then do get in touch here.(link to bespoke contact page)

Handmade silver peach tourmaline engagement ring set with silver hammered wedding ring with matt finish

Do I need a bespoke wedding ring to work with my engagement ring?

To answer this question fully I would really need to see your engagement ring, or at least an image of it to understand the design and layout. This is the most important first step. As a general rule, if the head of the engagement ring is very large the answer is probably yes, you do need a bespoke wedding ring to fit around it. Sometimes a straight wedding band will just not work with what you already have and making a bespoke wedding band that compliments is the best way forward. This way you can ensure that your wedding set works well together and looks great for the rest of time. If you have a statement engagement ring and would like to know if you need a bespoke wedding ring to complement then do get in touch via my Bespoke Jewellery contact form.

What if my partner doesn’t like wearing rings?

I hear this a lot, especially from guys. Some men are not used to wearing rings and maybe it’s not for them. Maybe a ring isn’t something they would feel comfortable wearing or maybe a ring doesn’t suit their lifestyle or worklife. However, have you thought about other options that can help you mark the occasion and celebrate the day? How about a wedding pendant? Or a special pair of cufflinks? Something that can be worn on special occasions or daily if that suits. Afterall, it’s the sentiment that counts isn’t it? You could have anything you want made, a lovely solid pendant with a special engraving of your choice on the back. And if you are looking for an inexpensive ring to use for the ceremony then a plain silver band is perfect. If you’re after either of these options do let me help you guide you through what might work best for you both. Use this contact form (Bespoke Jewellery contact form.) to get in touch with me.

My last thought on wedding rings would be; Choose what makes you happy. After all, you will hopefully be wearing this ring for the rest of your days. I want you to look down on them every day and think to yourself, ‘I bloody love my wedding rings’! Never mind what other people think, choose something that makes your heart sing and your teeth show, just like the person you are about to marry.

Well that concludes my blog post on the most popular wedding ring questions that I get asked. However I’m sure you have lots of your own questions to ask me and I’d be delighted to answer them for you. You can get in touch with me via my bespoke jewellery page.

I look forward to chatting with you soon.

Amy x

Wedding Rings

The time has come! The question has been popped and the romance of the engagement has been celebrated. Now it’s time to get to the

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Wedding Rings

The time has come! The question has been popped and the romance of the engagement has been celebrated. Now it’s time to get to the

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