Bespoke Jewellery Commissioning Guide

The seven simple steps you need to know

If you have been thinking about commissioning a bespoke item of jewellery from me but are still thinking about it or even wondering what the steps are, then this guide is for you.

Alternatively if you are ready to make contact about your bespoke piece then click here to be taken to the bespoke jewellery contact form and start your bespoke jewellery journey..

Just 7 simple steps to getting the jewellery of your dreams...

A bespoke item of jewellery from Amy Eira Jewellery

Step One - It all starts with an idea

Maybe you, or a loved one have a special occasion coming up, a big birthday or an anniversary?

You would like to celebrate this occasion with a beautiful bespoke item of jewellery that they, and you, can cherish for a lifetime.

A future heirloom if you will.

A beautiful bespoke item of jewellery
Transform old un-worn and once much loved jewellery

Or perhaps you have discovered some old un-worn and once much loved jewellery in a box somewhere that you would love to wear again, thing is it’s not quite to your taste anymore.

Now is the time to get in touch with me, Amy, at Amy Eira Jewellery to see exactly how I can help you.

Step Two - All the information I need

When you make contact with me try to give me as much information as you can on your project.

The things I like to know are;

All of these details help me get back to you with more relative information on your project. It also allows my brain to start working on your jewellery before we have even got to the next stage.

Step Three - Let's 'meet'

The next step, and also one of my favourite steps, is for us to ‘meet’. I am available most week days to take a zoom call with you to discuss your project. For me this step is essential as it enables me to really get to grips with why you want to commission a bespoke item of jewellery, learn a little more about you as a person and what sort of style you might like.

On our call we will discuss all the information you gave me in step two.

From there will we then look at some images together, I might do some quick sketches for you and we will discuss what materials you would like your jewellery made from.

For example, Silver, Gold, Platinum. And would you like to include any gemstones?

This is also the stage where you can tell me about any old jewellery you might want to incorporate into your project.

It could be that you have some sentimental family jewellery that you would like melted down into something new, or the diamond from your Grandma’s engagement ring turned into a pendant.

There are so many ways to use old jewellery.

Step Four - Drawing on inspiration

After we have chatted over zoom I usually like to get some ideas down onto paper. This allows me, and you, to make sure we are both on the same wave length with what are you looking for. Depending on what we discussed during our zoom I might come back to you with a couple of different designs and ways we can incorporate your ideas.

I will then email you the sketches for you to choose which one you love the most. If you have any questions about any aspect of the design you are welcome to talk to me about them, its here we will iron out the details.

I’m no Picasso but I like to think I can get my ideas across to you fairly well. These sketches are for a client who is commissioning a pearl pendant for him and his wife’s anniversary.

Sketches for a client who is commissioning a pearl pendant for him and his wife's anniversary

Step Five - Let's talk money

Utilise your own old jewellery

Now we have made important decisions about design, materials and gemstones I can start thinking about pricing. I will send you an estimate of the costs for any materials we may need and, of course, my labour.

At this stage, unless otherwise specified, this will be the final cost for the jewellery you are commissioning. I will now send you a deposit invoice for 50% of the balance on the work.

If you are utilising your own old jewellery it is at this stage I will ask you to send me your goods. I will send you exact details of how to do this safely. Once I have received them I will go through them thoroughly to test the gold and check over the stones to ensure they are what we believe them to be. I will document their weight and size and send all this information to you on a receipt with images. If we are all happy with this I will then invoice you for the work we plan to do.

Step Six - I do my thing

So now it’s time for me to get my hands dirty! I love making jewellery, it is why I do what I do. Every day sitting at my workbench with our designs that we have come up with together and the tools I need to get the job done. I’m in my happy place.

I will be making your jewellery by hand, at the workbench my Dad made for me, in our cottage in North Devon. I will work from the notes I took during our zoom chat and the sketches I made for you in step four. I will often post progress pictures on social media so keep an eye out for these. Of course, if your commission is a surprise then I will not do this.

Making your jewellery by hand

Step Seven - Mission complete

Handmade bespoke amber silver and yellow gold hammered large ring

Now it’s time for the really exciting part! Once I have completed the commission I will get in touch with you to ask if you would like to see images of the jewellery or if you would like a surprise in the post. It’s your choice. But from experience most people like to see some sneak peek images before they get the piece in their hands.

Your jewellery will be sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery. Any gold or gemstones that you supplied that were not used in the project will, of course, be returned to you along with your new heirloom jewellery.

It’s now time to present your gift to a loved one, or even better, enjoy your new jewellery yourself!

What Next?

I hope this guide gives you a better idea of how your bespoke commission process will go.

Of course, if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch. I’m a friendly soul and I love to chat.

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