A pile of heirloom gold and gemstone ready to be re-loved


Honest handmade jewellery, inspired by personality and craftmanship, handmade in the UK with an eco-conscious ethos. My jewellery is aimed at people who love things that are quirky and individual.

All of the jewellery on my website is made by my own hand in my North Devon workshop and completely from scratch. I do not make anything in large quantities to reduce the risk of wastage, both of materials and of consumable energy. For this reason, most orders placed will be made by hand and by request. This means that every piece of jewellery is individual to the customer who orders it. In my own small way I am trying to reduce overproduction.

I’m planet conscious

I don’t claim to be perfect and I’m not on a crusade but I am doing all I can to make sure that Amy Eira Jewellery isn’t adding to the problem unnecessarily. I have put a lot of effort into making sure that my postage and boxing materials are all eco-friendly and FSC certified. All packaging materials are fully recyclable and where possible I would ask for the materials to be reused or at least recycled responsibly. Please read my FAQ on packaging for more information.

100% recycled precious metals

I purchase recycled precious metals from a reputable source in the UK.

I recycle my precious metal scrap from my workshop with a local bullion dealer who uses it to produce re-workable and clean bullion. Any large pieces of scrap that I have left over get melted down by me, milled out using my mills and then used again. Nothing goes to waste.

Where possible I have chosen to use UK based suppliers of materials and gemstones to try to limit the carbon footprint of my work.

Designed for a lifetime of wear

I want to make jewellery that has longevity, can be worn daily and then handed down for others to enjoy. To honour that belief, I offer a lifetime cleaning service free of charge, if you would like to take advantage of this offer please contact me here.

I will always do my best to be eco-conscious and strive to achieve more eco-friendly ways of producing my handmade jewellery. I will of course make you aware of any updates I have on this and would welcome your constructive criticism on these points. Please feel free to contact me here.

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